Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Trip To Howick Historical Village

Name: Sini 28 June 2017

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This morning at nine thirty, the whole senior school apart from room nine went to Howick Historical Village. We went by bus to get there. When we got there we got off and waited for our instructions. We got into our class lines boys and girls. Then we went into our first activity which it was about toys.

A lady that was dressed like the olden days came and took us inside to play with the toys, I was surprised that all of the toys were made out of wood and strings. Inside the classroom was very old and so cold, the school was built in 1880.

Our second activity was the school, I wasn’t excited to go in because it was freezing and everyone knows that old house are so cold. The cool thing was that we got to write with the chalk on a mini blackboard. The teacher told us that that back then when kids didn’t listen they got six smacks.

After that we went to a bakery to see how they made butter. The only ingredients I knew was something to do with the cream, and milk that was all. After the lady made the butter another lady came in from the door and took out crackers for the butter to go on top of. Butter with cracker was so delicious and I wanted a second one but we weren’t allow.

The last activity was playing with things that kids played with back in the days. I had so much fun playing with the toys and my favourite thing I played with was the stilts because when I walked with them I was a taller and it was so much fun.

After our last activity we went for lunch, we had fun talking to each other about the activities and how most of the olden days houses looked. We were so excited for the tour after lunch because we wanted to see inside the houses and how they felt.

After lunch the teachers told us to get back into our groups and get ready for the tour. First we went to see a house that was old and dustie. We went in and saw most of the valuable things that the owner of the house kept. He had a little office and I was surprised that he wrote with a feather instead of pencils or pen. His desk was so dustie and old, especially his chair. I thought to myself that most things that are in his house were very delicate.

Then we went up to see the bedrooms. They looked clean and comfortable to sleep in. But the daughter’s room were full of dolls, her dolls were so scary and very frightening. Most of us were tip toeing because we were thinking that the top floor might fall off.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Times Table

Screenshot 2017-06-23 at 9.50.40 AM.pngScreenshot 2017-06-23 at 9.54.53 AM.pngScreenshot 2017-06-23 at 9.54.36 AM.png
In this activity I was testing myself on my times table, because I just wanted to see if I still know them. Guess what, I still do!. So first of all you go on the site and click whichever times table you want to test yourself on. After you write down the answers on all the equation, then it will automatically marks straight away. If the background is green then it’s right, but if it is red then you are wrong.

Monday, 12 June 2017

How To Play Gutter Board

Gutter board is a game  that can be played outside. It should be challenging for the first time for the new players. It is a fun and competitive game.  But some people are very good.

When I first play gutter board it was too complicated and I kept on missing. My friend taught me how to play until now I know how to play and it is much easier. I kept on practicing and I always say to myself practice makes perfect.

The lines are just parallel. They are not close and they are 1 metre apart. First put the triangular board in the centre and take the rubber bouncy ball or a tennis ball. The first line is 15, second is 10, third is 5 and fourth is 3.

The first line is just next to the gutter board which is easy and it gets harder and harder. To play is to take the bouncy ball and try to target it to the centre of the gutter board. If it hits the board then it shall come back. To win get up to the last line and try to get 3. The rules is the audience has to see if the feet touches the line.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


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In this activity I learnt about measurement. I had fun playing the activity, and learnt how to measure them. First they’ll give you an object, then you’ll have to measure how long the object is with the ruler below the object. Then the box that is on the top where the equation is, that’s where you type your answer. After that you press the arrow. If the ruler smile, then you're right, if not then you're wrong.